Kickstart your business

Make the world aware of your business, project or venture. Be able to reach your customers faster, and in a user friendly way. We from Sand District can help you create your WordPress website and maintain it.

Up to date design

Start your business, or update your current website, with a modern design that appeals to the modern day internet user.  

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Tailored to your target group

The most important thing about a website is that it appeals to your customers. That your customers will be able to find it, and when they reach your site, that they will enjoy it. Your website gives a first impression of you and your company, make it count!

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Accessible across all devices

Around 50% of all internet traffic is mobile nowadays. Your website needs to be prepared to provide information in a mobile friendly way. We at Sand District help you to achieve this.

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Customer oriented support

At Sand District you won’t get a standard package. Together, we will sit to discuss the website and the view and goals that you have in mind to achieve. It is important for us to really understand you and your company, to create the website that will perfectly reflect your views. 

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Your website will have

Real time stats

Your website will be linked to Google Analytics. In this way you will always have real time statistics of how and when your website is used.

SEO optimized

For customers to be able to find your website, you will need more than just be "online". When creating your website it will be optimized so that Google, and any other search engine will be able to find it easily.

Optional maintenance plan

If you want, Sand District can provide maintenance of your WordPress website. This will include backups, up-to-date plugins and security, and small updates on your website.

Amazingly responsive

The website will be just as beautiful on a large desktop screen, as on a small mobile device, to be available for your whole target audience.

Easy to maintain

Because our websites are based on WordPress, the text on the website and the website itself will be easy to maintain yourself. No need for costs when you just want to change some headers, descriptions or colors of buttons.

start with connecting to your audience

Contact us, and together we will transform your idea to a functioning website that your customers will enjoy.

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